The existing customer adds second fiber laser cutting machine

The customer, located in Jordan, has added a FIBERMAK 6 kW fiber laser. Our customer has chosen Ermaksan again for his second laser investment this year, with the satisfaction he has felt since her first laser investment in 2018. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Thank you for choosing us again!

The customer needed a second laser investment to meet the growing demand. He choose Ermaksan again because he was very satisfied with the first laser he bought from Ermaksan in 2018.

The Jordanian customer produces iron decorations. They are one of the best companies in the iron works of decorative and architectural finishes and trim comprehensive furniture and accessories, and antiques. As well as export their products to the outside of Jordan. They are specialists in laser cutting, engraving, milling, metal forming, and etching metals.

The machine has 6000x2000 mm sheet metal cutting capacity and it is processing thick materials with impressive cutting quality due to the equipped with a 6000 Watt IPG resonator. The laser cuts mild steel to 25 mm thick, stainless steel to 15 mm, aluminum to 12 mm, and copper and brass to 8 mm.  The cutting head of the machine is Precitec. This cutting head offers outstanding cutting and product quality without compromise, optimized for continuous permanent operation. It has a Beckhoff Control panel with its portable and ergonomic structure, which enables many benefits to operators during the processing. With the multi-touch screen 21.5’’control panel with the Windows10 operating system, operators can see all the information and parameters they need on a single screen and can perform the necessary operations or changes online faster. On the control panel, all software written by Ermaksan engineers, the places of the menus used can be changed according to the operator's needs and usage habits.

The customer is now capable of producing more in less time. If you want to learn more about how Ermaksan FIBERMAK series laser cutting machines can increase your manufacturing capability and productivity, contact us!