R&D Policy

We produce technology with a strong R&D infrastructure

The principle of innovative technologies is a firm and set culture adopted by our company. All our activities together with the technologies of the future contribute to the Global economy. Our highly trained expert engineer staff is one of the cornerstones that support the power of innovative technologies. While giving responsibility to our young talents on the way to success during their professional development processes, our company provides all the support required in this regard. ERMAKSAN initiates new R&D projects on yearly basis in order to improve the capabilities of the machinery it produces, to meet market demands, to enhance customer satisfaction. The company has a large research team consisting mostly consisting of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and physics engineers and auxiliary personnel.

Ensuring the sustainability of our R&D center is one of our main goals. We continue to strengthen our R&D staff constantly. To achieve this goal, we use 2 methods to create qualified staff force. The first of these methods is to support the competencies of our existing personnel through trainings and academic studies such as postgraduate studies. The second is to select qualified R&D personnel to engage in new activities that will support our horizontal growth strategy, together with our consultants working at universities, and to have such personnel in our R&D team.

ERMAKSAN, which produces teamwork for each project with consultants from various universities, continues to meet external demands after receiving the R&D centre certificate. ERMAKSAN, which has brought many firsts to the Turkish machinery industry, works not only on new products or fields in our country, but also on global innovations and industrial fields that will meet market needs to maintain its success. The company stand out in its sector by introducing innovative technologies together with environmentally friendly and energy saving products with high added value and export potential to the market before its competitors.