The birth of a legendErmaksan’s foundations were laid in a small lathe workshop by our founder Mr. Erol Özkayan in 1965. It produced various conventional machines as well as weaving looms during those times.
From jacquard loom production to wood working machinesProduction of wood working machines started in accordance with the developments in the market and due to customers’ needs and requests.
Alternative market opportunitiesNew product and market diversity was achieved with the production of generators, electric motors, and textile machinery by taking into account market conditions and customer needs.
Towards the technologies that shape the futureThe production of sheet metal processing machines, which kick started in the late 80s, continued to increase with product and market diversity. These technologies would not only shape the sheets, but also shape the future of Ermaksan.
Ermaksan discovered the world of innovationsTurkey's first Co2 laser cutting machine and Turkey's first servo press brake were manufactured. The company relocated to its new production facility equipped with high-tech looms in order to meet the increasing demand in the domestic and foreign markets.
Product and market development efforts acceleratedIn order to provide more efficient service to its international customers, ERMAKSAN branched out internationally and opened ERMAKUSA branch in the USA and ERMAK DEUTSCHLAND branch in Germany. Turkey's first electric punch press was manufactured. Turkey's first metal 3D printer was manufactured. By establishing Turkey's first private sector semiconductor facility, the company also produced Turkey's first laser chip, diode, resonator, and FBG sensors. In order to meet the growing demand, the third production facility was opened.
From 2020 to today
By embracing the principle of “Innovative Technologies”the company continues its investments on the path of sustainable growth without slowing down.