Environmental Policy

We are striving to leave a habitable and sustainable world to future generations

As ERMAKSAN, we believe that the environment, which is becoming more and more vital by the minute, is one of the most important treasures that we can and need to leave to future generations. Therefore, our policy is;

  • Minimizing wastes, preventing pollution at its source, using energy efficiently, and reducing the negative effects of our activities on the environment,
  • Raising awareness and encouraging our suppliers and stakeholders on green economy and energy efficiency efforts,
  • Designing and developing the machinery and equipment to be produced by ensuring that they will reduce carbon emissions, be energy-efficient and cause the least damage to the environment
  • Keeping under control and minimizing the environmental factors related to the new processes and activities to be developed, preferring energy-efficient technologies and applications,
  • Initiating environmentally friendly projects that will protect the nature and contribute positively to the ecological balance, being a pioneer and setting an example in such social responsibility projects
  • Protecting the environment and spreading this principle all around us, to Turkey and to the world.