6100 x 1500 ton press brake for manufacturing heavy industrial equipments

One of our customers is based in Canada with over 60 years of experience manufacturing and delivering wear products and services to the mining industry. For the customer's requirements, we designed and produced a POWER-BEND FALCON series press brake with 6100 x 1500 tons.

Produced for the Canadian leading manufacturer of heavy equipment, especially to meet the need for heavy-duty bends. It is equipped with many special options like that ATF type 6 axis backgauge, ER 99 3D touch controller with offline software, high level safety and protection systems. With its strong and durable monoblock st44 quality steel and rigid structure, 1500 tons of bending power makes it great. Hydra.Mechanical crowning system, double foot pedal, L-type sliding support arms and special table width are among the features that make the bending operation easier.