Automation System


Turn machines into connected and smart systems, making your business more productive.

Lots of companies around the world are investing to overcome the challenges of the near future, with the most advanced technology for smart manufacturing.

We strongly continue our mission to become the pioneer of the era of smart manufacturing with our strong R & D infrastructure and innovative approach. At Ermaksan, we have many solutions that can help you realize, and accelerate, your Industry 4.0 ambitions. With this approach, developed the ER 4.0 software to make your company a modern smart factory and gain an advantage in the market

Step up to a new manufacturing concept by integrating the smart manufacturing systems and optimizing the manufacturing processes with minimum cost and maximum efficiency. This is a good time for manufacturers to take advantage of Industry 4.0 solutions of Ermaksan, which offers a wide range of opportunities.

As Ermaksan, we are a strategic partner with a comprehensive solution alongside your company to step to the next level.